Mission Statement:

The mission of the Alamo City Training Academy (ACTA) is to provide training and education resources for the San Antonio kink community.

We will do this by

1. Establishing and maintaining a list of vetted instructors willing to teach classes/workshops in the San Antonio area.

2. Conducting classes/workshops on at least a monthly basis.

3. Conducting seminars/conferences concerning the safe practice of kink and the kink lifestyle.

4. Providing a Mentor/Protege program.

Volunteer Opportunities
We are currently building a list of experienced presenters/instructors interested in sharing their knowledge with the San Antonio kink community. More...


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Every decision and choice a person makes has some degree of risk associated with it. We believe that each adult must set for himself or herself the level of risk he or she is willing to accept. The Alamo City Training Academy supports the rights of individuals to make informed decisions and choices concerning their lifestyles..